Meet Epey Herher

She's not the typical Filipino singer. I would say, I never thought I'd be a fan of her until I watched one of her videos and fell in love with her beautiful voice.

 Although I like so many celebrities, I usually just follow and stalk one particular celeb. For a long time I was only supporting and stalking Charice Pempengco. I was so obsessed with her, I didn't know any keyword on twitter and youtube but "CHARICE".

One day, while I was searching "Charice" on twitter, couple of tweets mentioning Charice were also talking about "That's My Tomboy". I was intrigued, so I opened my YouTube and search it.. and then I stumbled upon Epey Herher's video who happened to be one of the contestants on the said talent/beauty show. After watching her performance on the show, I searched her YouTube channel and I found more amazing song covers and I know that very moment I become her fan.

Check out her video below:

I think what makes Epey Herher stand out as an artist is not only her beautiful voice and charming personality but also her being a true musician--She can  play a guitar and write her own songs. We know we don't have a lot of singers in the Philippines who can do that.

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