Greedy: A Rising Filipino Rapper

What a treat! After Nelly's " Just A Dream", now another great single just came out! "Body Like A Rockstar" by Greedy featuring CMC, Shaxe and Necee Wilson is now out on itunes!

After my friend informed me that Greedy's new single is out on itunes, I downloaded the song right away as a sign of my support. I am really a fan of this artist since the first time I saw him performed - the time when we wasn't signed in any music label yet.

So who is Greedy?

JR Kho also known as Greedy is one of my friends in college. He is a native of Dumaguete City, Philippines. He, along with Dumaguete based crew Midnasty represent their city, and homeland as it is. He has been chosen as one of the seven artists to be signed under Jeepney Music, a music label founded by Black Eyed Peas member, Apl De Ap.

Today, with opportunities from Jeepney Music being made available, Greedy is now reaching the world with his music to spread love and peace not only to his fellow Filipinos around the globe but also to everyone, regardless of race.

Greedy's newest single "Body Like A Rockstar" is produced by an LA based producer, Speeshbeats. In this single, other artists from LA named CMC, Necee Wildon and Shaxe are also featured.

Watch Greedy's "Filipina Shawty" video below!

Please buy Greedy's newest single on itunes and be a fan on facebook now!


  1. i love greegy! =>>>

  2. wow, he's gonna get famous right away in p.i. He has talent and the looks. He really is something.

  3. derman.lovely@hotmailDecember 26, 2010 at 2:26 AM

    gwapo talaga