I'm A Chaster

Who are Chasters?

Chasters are Charice’s fans. They are the people who adore, support and love Charice. They are the people who are very willing to pay a lot of money and exert their effort willingly just to help Charice make it to the top.

I love Charice. I don’t know if I can officially call myself a Chaster, but I definitely adore this young superstar. I don’t wanna be called a stalker but I’m kind of like that when it comes to her. Honestly, I have not attended any of her concerts yet but I know every little or big gig she’s doing- it maybe a concert or a tv appearance-- name it! I know all of them! Thanks to the internet.

Every day, I search youtube.com for Charice’s newest video; visit her most-updated fansite, Charicemania to read the latest news about her; and check her personal updates from her official twitter account.

Maybe, I am not one of those who could afford to travel the world to see her perform live but I do my best to help her in my own little ways. I bought her album (ordered it from QVC), downloaded her songs on itunes, vote for her in every poll she’s in and most of all, I tell my friends and families about her.

What about you? Are a Chaster?


  1. You are a Chaster. Anyone who support and love Charice is.

  2. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for this link and I'm looking myself at you not of course in appearance (older than you & not that beautiful as you are) lol.

    Everything you said/written about Charice is what I'm doing except for itunes download.

    I'm really looking forward on the day that I can see Charice perform in my naked eye. Wish... wish...

  3. Hi Donna,
    You're not the only one. Whatever you're daily activities for Charice, that's what exactly i'm doing too. They called this as Chaddiction.

  4. this CHAddiction is viral...be careful people!! once you are infected, you'll never stop followin' her daily activities and you'll become lazy, will forget to eat your meal on time, will sleep so late...and unfortunately no cure found yet...haha...at the top baby!!----iceG_officiaL

  5. charice is my idol too.oh so proud of her

  6. im addicted too, hehe

  7. @ Donna...you are not alone "WELCOME TO THE CHA-CLUB".