Ms. Picture Perfect: Joanna

She's a talented Photographer and Graphic Artist, a  real fashionista and a drop dead gorgeous Pinay. Meet our new beautiful noncelebrity Pinay from Hawaii, Ms. Joanna.

Q: Who is Ms. Joanna?

Joanna: "A friendly, outgoing, Loving and Caring person. Born and raised in Dumaguete City, Philippines now living in Hawaii. I'm a Photographer and Graphic Artist. I love to learn; it is one of my most significant defining characteristics. I love to travel and spend time with my family & Friends. I'm a very kind and giving person. I don't get mad easily. I tend to be understanding, more-so than others. I enjoy any type of music except for metal/rap. I try to live everyday to the fullest. I'm honest, joyous, peaceful, excited about life, and living in every moment of everyday. Love is the key. :)"

Q: What are your interests?

Joanna: "I'm a big fan of Law & Order (SVU, LA), Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmare, Shark Tank and So you think you can dance. I also enjoy watching all types of movies especially suspense and horror. :)) I LOVE taking pictures, I love the outdoor stuff such us; Horseback riding, Hiking, Skiing, Golfing and Going to the beach."

Q: Tell us about your fashion style? Fashion icon?

Joanna: "It really depends on my mood but since I live in Hawaii (its summer here all year long (: ) I love my short and long summer dress. I enjoy tank tops and jeans every now and then.. "

"Fashion icon?
Kim Kardashian: She knows how to put basics together and make it look edgy and most everything she wears makes her look good."

"Selena Gomez: I can't say I'm her biggest fan but she does have a very adorable, I suppose classy yet casual fashion sense that I love."

Q: What are the things you love and hate?

Joanna: "I LOVE listening to music, Singing loud and off pitch in my car lol., Eat delicious food, I love my Canon, my phone, my CS2 and my PS3. ^_^ I LOVE LIFE!"

"I HATE drama, people who are rude, liar, racist and demanding."

Q: Your beauty secret/ regime that you want to share with us?

Joanna: "I wash my face with gel facial wash and warm water. (at night I'll use a cream cleanser first to remove make-up, then gel wash) Then I use a light moisturiser and lip balm. Before breakfast, I always drink a glass of warm water, sometimes with lemon to sort of cleanse the insides and hydrate the skin. :)"

Below are more of Ms. Joanna's photos:

Joanna is the 14th Pinay from Dumaguete City, Philippines being featured as Ms. Picture Perfect, the beautiful noncelebrity Pinay on this site. This city must be the home of beautiful Filipinas :)
**All photos belong to Ms. Joanna and are copyright protected. Please do not copy without written permission from the owner.


  1. OhmyGawd. She's gorgeous. Im from Dumaguete too and yea there are so many pretty girls here. :) ;)

  2. i like the 4th photo, she looks like a celebrity.............

  3. wow,gwapaha oi. tga dumaguete xa? wa lage ko kita nya jd.

  4. she deserves to be a picture perfect, she's gorgeous...